Common Concerns & Safety Issues

Droppings that render areas unusable, food contamination, and pose slip and fall risks. 
Raising awareness for these charming but bothersome feathered pests.  

Customers & Locations

Athletic Fields
Golf Courses
Lake Front Properties
Private Communities
Industrial Sites
Business Parks
County Governments

Professional Solutions

  • Program design
  • Population control
  • Decoys and reflectors  
  • Bird spikes 


Grouping Columbidae (another name for a bird), Frugivore 
Nicknames Culvers (UK), Winged Rats, @#$%^&*!, and Rock Doves
Best Known For Pigeons are best known for their ability to return home after long periods of time or long distances. They also have extraordinary vision and see the world in a kaleidoscope of colors.
Life Span It is possible for a pigeon to live 10 years however, more commonly their life span is 3-6 years.
Mating Season Although mating can occur throughout the year it usually happens in the spring and fall.
Reproductive Details Males and females both sexually mature at 6 months old. After reproducing females lay eggs 8-12 days later.
Dispersal Weather depending, pigeons typically leave the nest 1 month after hatching. During the colder seasons they tend to stay longer than those born in autumn, spring, or summer.
Habitat Pigeons are able to live in mostly any environment and thrive in cliff side settings. They inhabit deserts, islands, cities, etc. The more garbage the better!

Integrated Wildlife Management is our comprehensive and effective one-stop solution. This approach brings together the six necessary elements to successfully resolve wildlife / human conflicts and when possible, safely relocate wildlife to a more suitable habitat.