Their approach was more than simply getting rid of the pests. The entire solution has prevented future infestastions and resulted in a safer, more pleasant living environment for our tenants.
- Todd, Harrisburg


Our fully trained, certified, and insured staff have over 100 years combined experience. Professionally licensed in Pennsylvania and Maryland, our animal control service area extends from South Central Pennsylvania to Northern Maryland. View service area by county

Our customers include apartment complexes, businesses, restaurants, churches, farms, golf courses, homeowners, industrial sites, municipalities, schools, and many more. Industries we service

Integrated Wildlife Management is our comprehensive and effective one-stop solution. This approach brings together the six necessary elements to successfully resolve wildlife / human conflicts and when possible, safely relocate wildlife to a more suitable habitat.


In many cases, it's not simply getting rid of nuisance wildlife, it is preventing property damage, spread of disease and personal safety for you, neighbors, family and in the case of commercial properties, your staff and customers.

Ignoring the problem can make things worse. Oftentimes, you are seeing only the surface of the problem. Ongoing and underlying property damage (electrical, plumbing, etc) may continue to put a structure at risk. Animals have been known to chew through electrical line coatings, as well as plumbing and HVAC system ducting. Read more about the dangers and how to protect your building with integrated wildlife management from S&S.