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Grouping Omnivore
Nicknames Possum,  Really Big Rat, File Tail, Grinner.
Best Known For North America's only marsupial (pouched). Lying dead in the middle of the road (literally). Playing dead when threatened (catatonic state). Also will hiss, screech, bare teeth, and emit a foul smelling greenish fluid from rear anal glands. Can hang from tale, excellent climber.
Life Span 1 to 4 years. Most young die the first year.
Mating Season January through June.
Litter Size Up to 15. Born blind and hairless after a 13day gestation period. Young must travel to the pouch immediately after birth remaining there for 7 to 8 weeks. Juveniles often noticed riding on the mothers back.
Litters Per Year 2 to 3. With dispersal being local.
Dispersal Live locally.
Habitat Rural, suburban and urban environments. Any place shelter is available. Woodlots, fields and farms.
Activity Cycle Typically nocturnal. Not uncommon to be out during morning and evenings.
Food Almost everything. They are the Billy goat of the wild. Scavengers. Cat and dog food left out on porches, compost bins, trashcans.
Damage Signs Torn down insulation in crawlspace and under modular homes. Knocked over refuse containers. Fecal matter, trampled insulation.
Treatment Trap and remove problem animals, exclude from structures and remove tempting food sources.
Distinguishing Features Gray to white fur, long pointed snout, pink nose, hand like feet, noticeable ears, and a round scaly hairless tail.


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