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Meadow Vole

Grouping Herbivore
Nicknames Meadow mouse, field mouse, yard beaver
Best Known For Surface trails through the grass, particularly evident after a snow melt.  They keep a meadow a meadow.
Life Span 3 months to 2 years
Mating Season Spring and summer
Litter Size 3 to 7 per litter (Up to 72 per year possible)
Litters Per Year 4 to 7 litters per year. Early litters become sexually mature the same year.
Habitat Open fields and low growing plantings such as junipers, periwinkle and hosta.  They love ground covers and canopy plantings.
Activity Cycle Diurnal, nocturnal and sub-nivean. Active year round.  Burrows are 3 to 4 inches under ground, feeding primarily on above ground.
Food soft and woody plants including turf grass, hostas, daffodils, tulips, bulbs and small shrubbery including lace leaf maples, fire bush and azaleas.
Damage Signs Grass trails resembling a road map especially after snow melt.  Food caches under ground covers, girdled trees and shrubs, distinct yard trails and dead limbs on shrubbery.
Treatment Lots of traps, location, toe eradicate the population. Bait stations for maintenance.
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