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Problem Animals

Striped Skunk

Grouping Omnivore
Nicknames Wood kitty, Pole cat, American Sable
Best Known For Odor, lawn grubbing, and distinct coloration.  Considered to have poor eyesight and depth perception, very good nose.
Life Span 1 - 4 years
Mating Season February / March
Litter Size 2 - 8 skunks per litter
Litters Per Year One litter per year
Dispersal Males: August - September.  Females: May stay with the mother until breeding season the following February.
Habitat Edge animals, fence lines, shrub lines, backyards, and under decks and sheds.
Activity Cycle Nocturnal, not a true hibernator. Will remain dormant for short periods of time throughout the winter when the weather is harsh.
Food Vegetable matter, fruit, eggs, garbage, grubs....anything.
Damage Signs Yard grubbing that appears as cone shaped holes approximately 2 inches deep.  Damaged turf. 
Treatment Trapping.  Remove housing "attractions" including areas under decks, sheds, sun porches etc.  Do not feed cats or other animals outside.  Fill in any abandoned ground hog holes and cover window wells.  Do not use food in compost pile.  Treat yard for grubs.
Diseases Spreads diseases back and forth with feral cats.
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