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Problem Animals

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   Short Tail Shrew

Grouping Insectivore / Carnivore
Nicknames Often misidentified as a small mole.
Best Known For Venomous bite, poor eye sight, tunneling in mulch beds
Life Span 1 to 2 years.
Mating Season January through May
Litter Size 3 to 5 shrews per litter
Litters Per Year 2 to 3 litters per year
Habitat Lives under leaf debris, garden duff, tanned bark beds, and basements.
Activity Cycle Diurnal and nocturnal. Active all year.
Food Primarily insects of any type, other shrews, mice moles and voles.  Typically eats 3 times its body weight per day.
Damage Signs Toilet site animal - deposits fecal matter in the same area creating odor problems in basements and above drop ceilings.
Treatment Outside: None recommended.  They do not damage plants and the eat harmful insects as well as other small rodents such as mice and moles.

Inside: Trapping.  Inspect the perimeter of the house at ground level and close holes. Hole entry size - 1/2"

Distinguishing Features  

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