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Our trained staff has over 100 years combined experience.  We have local, state and national certifications and are fully insured and bonded.

Service Portfolio

  • Animal capture and removal
  • Repair of structures
  • Sealing of structures to prevent future entry
  • Odor diagnosis and treatment
  • Poison free rodent control
  • Home inspections for buyers and sellers
  • Noise diagnosis and treatment
  • Chimney cap installation
  • Architectural consultation
  • Contractor consultation
  • Chimney crown repairs
  • Lifetime warranty exhaust and dryer vent covers
  • Educational speaking engagements
  • Bird/flock control, anti-perching device installations
  • Site clean up including bird and bat guano
  • Canada Goose Management

Typical Clients:

Apartment Complexes
Golf Courses
Homeowner Associations
Industrial Sites
Office/Corporate Parks
Power Plants
Real Estate
Retail Establishments
Wild Game Farmers



Why put up with damage to your property?

Why continue to allow squirrels to chew on your electrical wiring and tear up your attic insulation?

Why put up with skunks under the porch, ground hogs under the shed, bats in the attic?

All bring their own set of problems. S & S Professional Wildlife Control can help.

Capture and removal is only one part of the solution.  The damage left behind can often provide an avenue for another infestation by the same species or even a different one. For example, squirrels open holes in the house which bats and birds later use as an entry.

S & S provides the expertise to close your building and guard your property.

We work with attics, basements, decks, sheds, chimneys, soffits, fascia, barns, commercial buildings.

Tired of Bird problems and their unsightly mess? We can design a system to stop roosting in, on, and around your building and property. Using an integrated approach we can design a system that can utilize your own staff to help stop the problem.  Call us for details.



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