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Problem Animals

Wild animals be come problems when they interact with humans causing damage or distress. 

Any wild animal can become a problem.  They are looking for food, shelter and a safe place to raise their young.  With few natural predators and loss of habitat many animal populations continue to expand  or move seeking new homes.  Sometimes your home.

At S & S Wildlife Control Services, Inc. we successfully deal with a wide range of animal removal and exclusion problems everyday, contact us we can help.

Here is a listing of common animals which can become problem animals:  To learn more about these animals click on the animal name if underlined.

Bats Opossums
Beavers Pigeons
Birds Porcupines
Canada Geese Rabbits
Chipmunks Raccoons
Crows Rats
Deer Shrew
Flying Squirrels Skunks
Foxes Snakes
Ground Hogs Snapping Turtles
Mice Squirrels
Mink Starlings
Moles Voles
Muskrats Wood Peckers



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