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   Deer Mouse

Grouping Seedivore
Nicknames Field mouse, yard mouse, attic mouse.
Best Known For Keeping people up at night due to scratching on walls and
ceilings. Stockpiling seeds and nesting materials under outside
structures, woodpiles, covered objects, lawnmowers, and in
sheds. Invading homes through holes and gaps as small as 318".
Awful odor related to dead mice in walls.
Life Span Six months to a year and a half.
Mating Season Spring through summer with a gestation period of 20 days.
Litter Size 3 to 8 per litter.
Litters Per Year 2 to 5. Early litters become sexually mature the same year of birth.
Dispersal Localized dispersal.
Habitat Open fields, out buildings, attics, basements, underneath outside debris, abandoned equipment, lawnmowers, etc.
Activity Cycle Typically, nocturnal and active year round with localized dispersal.
Food Cherry seeds, sunflower seeds, sorghum, maple seeds, acorns, grass seeds, agricultural crops, grains, house-hold grain based products, birdseed. Horde away large quantities.  
Damage Signs Chewing at areas of entry; nesting material gathered from upholstery, seat cushions, insulation; urine staining -particularly on ceiling tiles; chewed wiring; soiled insulation; fecal matter on flat surfaces.
Treatment Trapping and sealing the home to stop entry. Poison baits under very limited conditions.
Diseases Hantavirus, usually contracted when cleaning up mouse fecal matter, urine, and saliva causing the virus to be airborne and breathed in. The "Plague" (fleas associated with rodents spread the plague.)
Distinguishing Features Deer mice, which are native to Pennsylvania unlike the gray house mouse, which arrived with our forefathers, are deer skin brown with a white belly, slightly furry tail, and very large ears and eyes. 2 to 3 inches in length excluding the tail.
Mice are carriers of disease.

Why Continue to accept the as part of your home?

We have the expertise to identify entry points and close off your home to these undesirable intruders.

Building a new home?  Have us inspect and seal your home before unwanted rodents discover the joys of living in your new home.

Our work can be completed in a near invisible fashion meeting the aesthetic needs of your home.

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