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   Ground Hogs

Grouping Herbivore
Nicknames Wood Chuck, Whistle Pig
Best Known For Excellent burrower and excavator. Burrow entrance can be a hole as large as a basketball in diameter.  Typically have only one den entrance.  large earth pile at mouth of hole.
Life Span 1 - 5 years.
Mating Season March and April with a gestation period of 32 days
Litter Size 3 - 5 pups per litter.
Litters Per Year 1 litter per year.
Dispersal July / August
Habitat Edge animal, likes open areas adjacent to cover (utility sheds, decks, shrub line) for underground den sites.
Activity Cycle Diurnal - True Hibernators (November through Mid-March)
Food Fruits, vegetables and soft plant materials.
Damage Signs Planting materials nipped off of missing.  Large excavations.
Treatment Trapping.  Remove housing "attractions" including areas under decks, sheds, sun porches etc.  Inspect areas hidden by shrubs or dense foliage and under low buildings of decks through the summer months.  Ask your neighbor to get rid of the ground hog living under their shed.
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