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   Flying Squirrel

Grouping Seedivore / Omnivore
Nicknames Bat squirrel, flying mouse, Rocky
Best Known For "Flying" from tree to tree. Keeping people up at night due to extreme racket.  Often will drop nuts from heights in the attic.  Toilet site animal creating sever stains oh house exteriors, interior ceilings and walls.
Life Span 2 to 5 years.
Mating Season Spring through Summer 20 day gestation period.
Litter Size 3 to 8 per litter.
Litters Per Year 1 to 2 litter per year.
Habitat Mature tree areas providing a mast crop. Woodlots and big forest ground.
Activity Cycle Nocturnal and active year round.  Colony squirrels, large extende family units live together.  Numbers in excess of 30 members.
Food Acorns, walnuts, hickory nuts, birdseeds, sunflower seeds, eggs, immature birds, fruit.
Damage Signs Toilet site animal, fecal matter and urine deposited in common area. Black stains in soffit panels, black streaks running down a wall, black staining on ceilings, soiled insulation, fecal matter on flat surfaces, scratching at entry point, light chewing on entry points.
Treatment Trap and remove from the structure interior and deal all entry points, primary and secondary.
Distinguishing Features Large loose skin flaps between the front and rear legs, allowing for glided flight.  Very large eyes. Chipmunk in size.  Tan to rust in color.


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