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   White Tail Deer

Grouping Herbivore
Nicknames Suburban Cow, shrub 'muncher'
Best Known For Reeking havoc in the yard, reeking havoc on the farm, and eliminating the under-story of the forest. Playing "chicken" on the highway. White underside of tail-signifying warning/alert to other deer. Acute hearing and good nose.
Life Span 2-7 years
Mating Season October thru December
Litter Size 1 to 3 Fawn drop - April, May, June
Litters Per Year 1 to 3
Habitat Woodland, farm field, suburbia, and urban; requiring some cover for shelter / safety.
Activity Cycle Typically nocturnal, but are often active during the day as well.
Food Browse (last four inches of deciduous trees and some evergreens); acorns, farm crops, ornamental shrubbery, clover and ground covers.
Damage Signs Defoliated evergreens, nipped deciduous shrubbery and small trees, and pawed ground covers.
Treatment Odor and taste deterrents applied directly to affected plants. Motion detection equipment in combination with lights, water and noise, some dogs. Many anecdotal home remedies.
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