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Bats a S & S Specialty!

Providing effective and permanent, non-chemical, solutions for the removal of bats from structures, whether from your home, business, or barn.

We can remove the bats and provide the expertise to seal your structure from future entries and infestations.

Our team of bat specialists will inspect and  diagnose your property.  We then vent the bats and perform exclusion repairs on your structure to stop any re-infestation.

We guarantee our work in writing.

Call us today to start the process of restoring your peace of mind regarding the safety of your home, business, family and Employees.  Rid your structure of the cause of the offensive smell, bugs, noise, loss of sleep, and disruption that bats cause.


Q:  Why did the bats pick my house?

A:  Because it provides the necessary mix elements for their survival. These elements include shelter, temperature, humidity, air flow and access.

Q:  Don’t bats bite?  Am I and my family at risk of being bit?

A:  Bats do not attack humans but like any animal that responds to possible harm, biting is a defense mechanism. Never pick up a bat, cover it with a bucket and call a professional.

Q:  Do bats carry rabies?

A:  Bats can be rabies vectors (carriers). Though few have the disease, the possibility of a bat having rabies exists.  If you have concerns about a contact you have had with a bat call your County Health Department.

Q:  Bats are endangered so I can’t do anything about my infestation?

A:  All bat species enjoy protection.  Proper removal from homes is permitted during certain times of the year.

Q:  How are bats helpful?

A:  Bats are a part of the neighborhood ecosystem, devouring large quantities of insects. Yes they are good to have around but not in your house.

Q:  Should I leave the bats alone and allow them to continue to dwell in my house?

A:  That is a question only a homeowner can answer.  Allowing bats to continue to dwell in a structure may result in damage to the interior structure due to guano and urine deposits.  Selling a home with bats can be difficult.

Q:  Do bats hibernate and could they be hibernating in my house?

A:  Bats actually hibernaculate, a state that is similar to hibernation, but not as heavy.  Hibernaculating bats over wintering in a house can be awaken by sudden temperature changes.  This is often the reason bats appear in a home during the winter.


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S and S Wildlife Control, Inc. has the following Licenses and Wildlife Control Certifications

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