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Grouping Seedivore / Omnivore
Nicknames Ground Squirrels, Chippies, Alvin, @#$%^&*!
Best Known For Darting around the yard. Standing upright and alert. Ground den excavation. Excavating stones from beneath concrete slabs. Distinctive racing striped back. Running with erect tail and whistle alert.
Life Span 1 to 3 years
Mating Season Early spring to late summer
Reproductive Details After a 31 day gestation period 2 to 5 young are born in a litter. 2 litters per year. Dispersal Local dispersal. Family unit is territorial. Habitat
Habitat Woodlands, woodlot edges, rock walls, concrete slabs and homes with mature landscaping cover.
Activity Cycle Active during the daytime hours and become inactive through the winter (November-February) remaining underground.
Food Seeds, nuts, grains, berries, bird eggs (omelets), and immature birds.
Damage Signs Undermined brick, slate, stone pathways. Chewed through pond liners. Will occasionally gain entry into walls and attics causing damage and soiling insulation. Access into structures usually occurs at ground level. Den entrance holes are 2” in diameter (between golf and tennis ball size) with a complex and extensive underground tunnel system.
Treatment Trapping to remove problem animals. Exclude animal den site areas by filling voids and screening off entry areas.
Distinguishing Features Reddish/rust colored with black and white stripes running down the back. It carries its tail in upright position. Quick and sudden movements. It has a “chuck, chuck, chuck” vocalization.
Risk and Disease Flea carrier. They are a common deer tick (Lyme disease) host. Nests and Dens Are below ground and many den entrances are free of excavated debris unlike rat den entrances.

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